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Nichicon Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, Tantalum electrolytic capacitors, Electric double layer capacitors,Tantalum electrolytic capacitors Available in small lot and quick delivery

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Electric Double Layer Capacitors

High capacitance, Low resistance,
Longer life. This high performance
capacitor will be in the forefront
in the development of the next
generation of electronics.

・High Capacity. High capacitance
 up to F (Farad) range.
 (Normal aluminum electrolytic
 capacitors: μF (microfarad) range).・Wide temperature range /
 Longer life. Maintenance-free
 for 15 years.
・High reliability, low resistance.
 Long charge-discharge cycle life
 and large capacitance discharge.
・Clean energy device.
 Mainly composed of aluminum
 and activated carbon,
 RoHS compliant.
 Substitute for lead batteries.

・Backup power supplies
 (Office equipment/
 PS/Power supplies)
・Regenerative power supply
 systems (Elevators)
・Energy storage (Solar energy)
 Available series Radial lead /
 high voltage - UM Series
Click here for details

Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Capacitors

Conductive polymer has a higher
conductivity than the liquid
electrolyte used in standard
capacitors, resulting in lower ESR.
The Aluminum Polymers are
excellent for power supplies,
power smoothing circuits for digital
devices such as PC and LCD.
Available series
Chip type / standard - CF series
Radial lead type /
standard - LF series
Click here for details

Solid Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitors

Compact / High capacity Tantalum
Capacitors with use of Sintering/
Molding/Assembly technologies
” tantalum solid
electrolytic capacitors
have low
ESR/ESL characteristics,
“F95 Series” have been well
received in the segment that
manufactures mobile devices.
“F31 Series”
utilizes flame resistant,
conductive polymer with low ESR /
high ripple characteristics.
Available series
Conductive polymer
molded chip - F32 Series Ultra thin
conformal-coated molded
chip - F92 Series
(General-purpose) Resin molded
chip - F93 Series
Conformal-coated chip (Frameless)
- F95 Series
High reliability resin molded
- F97 Series
High capacitance resin molded
(Frameless) - F98 Series Click here for details

Radial Lead Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors / High Reliability

Available series
Wide temperature range
/ Snap-in / standard - GU Series
Compact / high ripple / long life
- CS/PT Series
Low impedance suitable for
switching power supplies
- HE/HE/PJ Series
Compact / Low impedance
suitable for switching
power supplies - PS/PW Series
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