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THine Electronics
THine Electronics, Inc. is a global leader in high-speed serial interfaces and provider of mixed-signal LSI and has offered new valuable solutions for global customers based on its own innovative technologies.

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THine High Speed serial interface LSI

Transmitting / Receiving a large amount of data? Ask for THine Electronics, one of the world’s top companies providing huge variety of products replacing TTL/CMOS for as interface. Not only high quality LVDS series, THine has V-by-One® and V-by-One® HS series. Click here for details


LVDS Series

THine Electronics, Inc. has firstly launched LVDS products among Japanese semiconductor manufactures and still hold a high share in the market.
We offer the highest quality in terms of jitter performance, skew margin, and power consumption.
As the result, a lot of customers in various applications such as tablet PCs, televisions, multifunction printers, automotive entertainment products approve.

Product details page:LVDS
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V-by-One® Series

V-by-One® reduce number of cables to just one pair!!!

This advaced Serdes interface can save circuit space and power consmption. And then, that achieve lower EMI and data transmittion for log distance. V-by-One® can be adopt in various application. Car Navigation, security camera systems, multi-function printer, any other video graphics systems.


Product details page:V-by-One®
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V-by-One® HS Series

The V-by-One®HS has been developed to offer capabilities for Flat Panel Markets that are requiring ever-higher frame rates and higher resolutions.  THine’s unique variable speed technology from 600 Mbps to 3.75 Gbps effectively meets the requirements of various different pixel rates. THine’s original equalizer technology achieves high video signal quality and total cost reduction by enabling use of lower cost cables/connectors and reducing components needed for control of EMI. quality.

Product details page:V-by-One® HS
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LED Driver

Leading-edge LED drivers have debuted featuring the harmonization of our proven technologies used in LVDS and power management ICs. The LVDS interface makes them tolerant to surge noise and expects to drastically reduces data transmission errors in electrically noisy environments. The LVDS repeater function can enables the LED drivers to be easily cascaded without the external buffers and the engineers' effort. The LED drivers also have the self-protection features utilized in our power IC products.
Applications : Illumination, Signage (LED dot matrix) quality.

Product details page:LED Driver
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A/D Converter

THine Electronics, Inc. is producing video ADCs based on the advanced ADC technology. We are the pioneer of the high speed video ADCs for high definition video in the flat panel display market. Our products achieve industry-leading performance of analog to digital conversion and feature intelligent sync signal processor to enable automatic configuration.The THC7984 integrates all the functions to digitize analog video signals on a single chip. It is used in such as HDTVs and projectors to support analog component video from HD players and RGB graphics from PCs, etc.

Product details page:A/D Converter 
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