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EMC Components

Chip Beads

●(MMZ Series) Low DC
 resistance structure of electrode
 prevents wasteful electric
 power consumption.
●(MPZ Series) This type is
 the best for energy-saving
 in the low DC resistance.
●(MZA Series) Single chip
 provides noise attenuation
 for 4 lines, making it ideal for use
 with I/O lines of various highly
 miniaturized electronic equipment,
 such as portable products,
 which comprise
 high density circuitry.
●(MCZ Series) Closed magnetic
 circuit structure allows
 high-density installation while
 preventing crosstalk
 between circuits. Click here for details

3-terminal Filters

●Multilayer chip EMC filter
 utilizing a T-type circuit.
●Entirely monolithic structure
 results in high reliability.
●Closed magnetic circuit
 structure allows
 high-density installation
 while preventing crosstalk.
●Steep attenuation property
 provides highly effective
 noise suppression. Click here for details

Common Mode Filters

●(ACM-D/H Series) Broadband
 common mode filters developed
 for high-speed differential signal
 interfaces, such as
 DVI and HDMI™.
●(TCM Series) By providing
 wide bandwidth
 (cutoff frequency: 3GHz)
 for differential mode transfers
 while maintaining common mode
 impedance, this filter provides
 noise reduction and has almost
 no effect on high-speed
 differential transfer line signals.
●(ACM Series) Low height and
 small size are suitable
 for compact and
 light-weight portable devices. Click here for details


●No polarity due to symmetrical
 current-voltage characteristics.
 Equivalent to anode common
 type Zener diode.
●Excellent electrostatic
 absorption capability.
 Response is as good or better
 than Zener diode. Keeps
 symmetrical current-voltage
 characteristics even after
 electrostatic absorption
●Can replace a Zener
 diode + capacitor combination.
 Reduced footprint and total
 mounting cost.
Click here for details

Clamp Filters

●Unique plastic case ensures
 simple, convenient installation
 and includes a self-holding
 mechanism to prevent slippage
 on cables.
●Ferrite core provides
 excellent absorption of
 high-frequency EMC.
●Highly effective as 
 countermeasure against
 common mode EMC without
 adverse effect on signal quality. Click here for details

Noise Suppression Sheets

●Flexible (no crack).
●Suitable for thin
 and compact devices.
●Available in a wide range
 of dimensions and shapes.
●Extensive lineup of products
 that deliver excellent
 permeability in wide range
 frequency (500MHz~30GHz).
●High performance in high
 frequency (≧300MHz). Click here for details