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Types of capacitor

66. Types of capacitor

Typical types of capacitor and its features.

Type of capacitorCharacteristic

Aluminium electrolytic capacitor

Oxide film formed by aluminum electrode surface is used as dielectric. The paper impregnated with the electrolytic solution is used to let the electrode facing without any gap glue on oxide film surface. It is necessary to note when using as there is polarity in the terminal. Although it is high capacity, there are many inductance components and the frequency characteristic is inferior, and is mainly used for smoothing the electric power supply.

Aluminium solid electrolytic capacitor

Charge-transfer complex or conducting polymer is used for the substitution of the electrolytic solution of aluminium electrolytic capacitor.

Tantalum electrolytic capacitor

Electrolytic capacitor that used tantalum for electrode. Capacity is also large, and both temperature characteristic and the frequency characteristic are superior to aluminium electrolytic capacitor. It is necessary to note as there is polarity in the terminal.

Ceramic capacitor

A large dielectric constant such as barium titanate is used as the dielectric between electrodes. It is used for bypass purpose of the high-frequency signal component as the as it has high frequency characteristic and less inductance element.

Mica condenser

Capacitor that used mica (mica) as dielectric. The features are good temperature characteristic, and the high capacity accuracy.

Mylar capacitor
(Polyester film capacitor)

Cylindrically would thin polyester film clipped from both sides by a metal. It is used in comparatively low frequency circuit because of low inductance component.

Oxidize niobium capacitor

The Oxidize niobium formed on the sintered body surface of niobium metallic powder is used as dielectric. It has the characteristics of high flame resistance while having similar efficiency with tantalum electrolytic capacitor.

Electrical double layer capacitor

It uses the phenomenon (electrical double layer) that aligns the ion and charge carrier in the interface of the solid-state electrode and the electrolytic solution, and uses the interval between the ion and the charge carrier as a dielectric. Its characteristic is ultra high capacity and can be used as backup power supply for the memory of electronic equipment and watch circuit.