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Bourns Releases New 8 x 6 mm Gas Discharge Tube Model 2029 Heavy Duty Series

2015/09/16Bourns  Power Supply


Riverside, California - September 3, 2015 - Bourns is pleased to announce the release of the Model 2029Series of heavy duty surface mount Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs).

The Bourns® Model 2029 Series is a 2-electrode GDT designed for use in general industrialapplications that may be exposed to lightning or other transients. The Model 2029 is alsorecommended for telecommunication line equipment requiring ITU-T K.20, ITU-T K.21 orGR-1089 compliance.

The compact 8 x 6 mm GDT offers a maximum 25 kA, 8/20 μsec peak pulse current rating, fastresponse times and stable performance over its extended life. The heavy duty 2029 Series hasextremely low capacitance, making it an ideal overvoltage protector for high-speed telecom orindustrial communications applications.

The new models are available as RoHS* compliant. The product data sheets with detailedspecifi cations can be viewed on the Bourns website at Please contact your localBourns Representative or Bourns Customer Service for samples or for further information.


■ Surface mount for economical assembly
■ High surge current rating
■ Designed to meet ITU-T K.12 class 5surge current requirements
■ Low capacitance and insertion loss
■ Stable breakdown throughout life
■ UL Recognized
■ RoHS compliant*

■ Telecommunications
■ Industrial electronics
■ Commercial electronics
■ Automotive, aircraft , military electronics

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