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QA01C Series DC/DC Converter Targets SiC Drivers

2015/12/21MORNSUN  Power Supply


Mornsun released the QA01C series designed for use as a DC/DC power supply module for SiC mosfet driver. It operates with a nominal 15VDC input (13.5 to 16.5 VDC) and produces outputs of +20VDC and -4VDC, both with 100mA of output current. With its features of low on-resistance and low leakage current, it meets the requirements of SiC mosfet drivers. The mode of mutual connection after two independent outputs is adopted internally for better energy provision of device turn-on and turn-off. General applications are expected to include switching power converters, ac servo drives, welding equipment, industrial power conversion and uninterruptible power supplies.



  • Efficiency up to 83%;
  • SIP package;
  • Isolation: 3500VAC;
  • Capacitive load: 220uF;
  • Isolation capacitance: 3.5pF;
  • Operation temperature: -40~105°C;
  • Continuous short-circuit protection.

SiC mosfet driver can receive asymmetric positive driving voltage of 20V and turn off voltage bias -4V from QA01C. In order to prevent the damage to the grid electrode, adding D2(zener diode) & D3(zener diode) is necessary to absorb the peak voltage. In addition, we recommend opto-coupler isolation to achieve the signal isolation between control circuit and main power circuit, but the opto-coupler must has high CMRR(30KV/us) /high isolation voltage/ultra-short delay time to meet the characteristic high frequency of SiC mosfet.



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