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  • RECOM AC/DC converter

    AC/DC converter special feature

  • Toda Kogyo EMC / EMI Electromagnetic Countermeasure Solution

    Not only iron oxide production, but we also providing materials and parts that take advantage of the characteristics of inorganic materials.

  • Murata Manufacturing/ SimSurfing

    Free design support software that provides information on electronic component selection

  • Digilent Analog Discovery

    Multifunctional measuring device for analog and digital signal

  • 3M

    Industrial Ethernet connectors and cable assemblies selectable according to use

  • Sensor

    Featured Products for IoT and wearables

  • CUI Devices

    Micro Speakers Protect from Dust and Moisture

  • Alps Alpine Humidity Sensor Special

    Accurate detection of up to 100% humidity with the small package size.

  • Murata Manufacturing

    High performance and reliable sensor using the 3D MEMS process

  • Alps Alpine Force Sensor Special

    Industry's smallest force sensor HSFPAR series

  • Evaluation Board


    Development Tools

  • MCU


    development tools

  • SBC

    Single Board


  • ABLIC lithium-ion battery protection IC

    IC that protects batteries from overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, and short-circuit conditions

  • Stäubli Electrical Connectors Test Measurement Accessories

    Stäubli accessories for test measurement