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molex online shop

Molex brings together innovation and technology to deliver electronic solutions to customers worldwide.
With a presence in more than 40 countries, Molex offers a full suite of solutions and services for many markets, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle and medical.

Core Products

Molex can offer variety of Brad connectivity products such as a single, convenient source for specifying a number of passive interconnect and industrial communications requirements in industrial applications. Standardization with Brad system solutions simplifies the design, installation, and maintenance process.
Product name Brad Micro-Change(M12)Connector Brad Mini-Change Connectors Network Cable (WSOR)
About Brad M12 Micro-Change connectors deliver fast and simple replacement of sensors, encoders, switches, and other input and output devices in industrial machinery through superior quality to withstand harsh industrial and weather environments. Delivering optimum conductivity, Brad Mini-Change Connectors from Molex offer the broadest selection of miniature connectors in the industrial market. Brad Nano-Change (M8) and Micro-Change (M12) cordsets, with Weld-slag, Oil Resistant (WSOR) cable, provide a rugged solution for connections in harsh industrial environments, minimize machine downtime, reduce inventory and feature knurled hexnuts which ensure proper sealing to a defined torque.
Feature ・IEC-compliant cordset assemblies provide peace of mind to its users. Gold-over-nickel plated contacts provide a durable corrosion-resistant plating.
・Weld-slag oil-resistant (WSOR) cables for costsensitive, outdoor applications demanding flexibility. Polyurethane cables for moderate flexing and for environments encountering cutting fluids and oils.
・Mini-Change connectors are available in a wide variety of circuits and configurations, with pole configurations available in 2 through 12, 14 and 19.
・With Mini-Change connectors, industrial device wiring is easier to install and maintain. To ensure a consistent, low-resistance connection, the patented Quad Beam female contact is used.
・Broad product offering of standard cordsets includes 3/4/5/8 poles, single- / double-ended, straight / right-angle, with/without LEDs, with/without shielding, plus ability to customize
・Withstands multiple harsh-environment applications including welding and cutting-oil. Delivers high-flex and high-torsion performance over a wide temperature range.
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Product name Industrial Ethernet Switches Brad Passive-Signal and Safety MPIS Boxes Brad® EtherNet/IP* CIP* Safety HarshIO Modules
About Reliable and robust managed and unmanaged Ethernet IP20 switches, Ethernet 10/100/1000 available for a wide variety of control and monitoring functions across complex industrial network applications. Advanced robust physical features and high-performance weld-slag-and-oil-resistant cable make this a higher-performing, cost-effective solution. Featuring CIP Safety technology, Brad® EtherNet/ IP* CIP* Safety HarshIO Modules are designed for connecting industrial safety controllers to sensors and actuators in harsh duty environments.
Feature ・The IP20 switches feature a metal enclosure that provides robustness against harsh conditions and the enclosure’s easy set-up and integration save customers time.
・Usage of basic Ethernet switches to transport PROFINET traffic causes perturbance. Molex’s PROFINET-compliant technology ensures quick and secure data exchange.
・Pre-wired passive MPIS (Multi-Port Interconnection System) junction box with home-run cable or M23/ M16 home-run connector port.
・Combination of safety inputs (4 ports, 8 pins) with standard signal inputs (4 ports, 4 and 5 pins) in one 8-port MPIS.
・Delivers enhanced space savings. Designed for the space constraints of automotive assembly line applications.
・Provides 12 safe inputs and 4 safe sourcing outputs (1A) and 12 safe inputs + 2 safe bipolar outputs (2A) module versions.
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