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Winbond Online Store

Windbond Electronics is a total memory solution company that designs, manufactures and sells DRAM and FLASH. They have a wide range of capacity and package lineups for industrial applications and IoT.

Featured Memory Products

  • HyperRAM™

    Simple design, low power consumption, and created to save space, making it ideal for small devices!
    The HyperRAM™ supporting the HyperBUS™ interface provides standby power consumption of less than 1/10 of SDRAM (90uW@1.8V), only 13 signal pins and boasts a simple board design which contributes to a significant improvement to device performance.

  • QspiNAND
    (High-performance serial NAND flash)

    This is an SLC (single level cell) serial NAND flash built using a unique 46nm manufacturing process. SCL NAND has higher reliability than large-capacity MLC (multi-level cell) and TLC (triple-level cell). Qspi NAND can read 4 times faster than existing parallel NAND and serial NAND and the data transfer rate is much higher than competitive NAND flash, at 83 Mb/s, reducing instrument cluster startup time.

  • LPDDR4/4x

    LPDDR4x is fully equipped with professional features bringing in a new generation of low power mobile products. The JEDEC-defined LPDDR4x (VDDQ voltage 0.6V) and the LPDDR4 (VDDQ voltage 1.1V) series, both of which come with 2Gb and 4Gb capacities and are suitable for applications such as artificial intelligence (AI), super high resolution displays, 5G mobile communication, IoT, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), smart speakers, 8K TV's, 5G mobile phones and security surveillance systems.

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