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VIA AI Learning Kit-- Driverless Car Instruction Video: Lesson 1

VIA Technologies
Learn how to assemble an AI-capable, driverless car with the VIA AI Learning Kit. In our first lesson, Fari and Charlene guide students through the process of assembling the main motor, steering motor, and the rear wheels. To complete the first lesson you will need the following tools: Nut Wrench Tool Hex Wrench Tool To assemble the main motor and the rear wheels, you will need the following components: Metal chassis, motor bracket, five screws (M3x8), five nuts (M3), main motor, two flat head screws (M3x5), small and large motor gears, rear-wheel shaft, two cup bearings, two rear wheel couplings with screws, and two wheels. To add the steering motor, you will need: Two L-shape brackets, six screws (M3x8), six nuts (M3), steering motor, rudder angle and screw, short tie rod and screw (M2.5x10), and lock nut (M2.5). Remember you can pause or slow down the video if needed. And above all, be sure to have fun! About the VIA AI Learning Kit The VIA AI Learning Kit is an educational package that introduces students to the basics of computer programming and artificial intelligence. The kit includes all the hardware components needed to construct a small autonomous vehicle. VIA Technologies, Inc. aims to empower the future generation of young talents with its VIA AI Learning Kit by integrating technology, education, and entertainment. Learn more here:
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