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No More Traffic Jams in the Port of Hamburg: HPA and NXP Unveil Intelligent Traffic Light

2015/06/12NXP Semiconductors  Automotive

June 01, 2015

Hamburg, Germany, June 1, 2015 – The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI) jointly unveiled the first intelligent traffic light for the port of Hamburg today that optimizes the flow of truck traffic and guides drivers through the increasingly heavily used port more quickly and safely. The smartPORT Traffic Light is another project realized by the HPA to prevent traffic congestion and emissions and is part of the HPA’s overall effort to increase use of IT in these future-oriented measures.

The smartPORT Traffic Light was realized by the HPA in conjunction with its partners NXP, Siemens, Heusch/Boesefeldt, and Hamburg Verkehrsanlagen. With the intelligent traffic light, trucks are guided around the port more quickly to thereby also help reduce CO2 emissions. A special automotive wireless LAN communication system called Vehicle-to-X (V2X) allows vehicles to communicate securely and wirelessly with infrastructure elements like traffic lights, road signs, and roadworks. An approaching line of vehicles can communicate with the intelligent traffic light to turn it green or keep it green, allowing the vehicles to pass the light without stopping. In addition, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology allows the traffic light to identify vulnerable road users in the vicinity and, as a result, send automatic hazard warnings to approaching trucks via V2X to prevent accidents.

NXP Semiconductors, technology leader in the secure connected car, supplied the solutions for the wireless communication, V2X and RFID, and ensures data protection and security. Another project partner, Siemens, gained extensive experience in the area of intelligent traffic lights in recent years and has conducted research into light signal systems and communication modules designed with cooperation between a car and the infrastructure in mind. In the smartPORT Traffic Light project, Siemens was responsible for the connection to the traffic light and traffic engineering modifications. Hamburg Verkehrsanlagen linked up all the different project members’ technical components for operation and integrated them into the overall system.

“The intelligent port is a key component of the ‘Strategie Digitale Stadt’ (Digital City Strategy) adopted by Hamburg’s Senate at the beginning of the year. The innovations currently being tested in the port by HPA and NXP will play an important part in making the port even more competitive and will add to the location benefits for the city of Hamburg: we need intelligent traffic solutions that improve both the safety and quality of life of the people who live here,” says Hamburg’s Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation Frank Horch.

“We intend to significantly boost the safety and efficiency of traffic and freight management within the port of Hamburg with our smartPORT projects. This calls for innovative concepts and solutions. Based on its experience and expertise in the areas of intelligent traffic management and secure communication, NXP is a key strategic innovation partner for us,” says Dr. Sebastian Saxe, CIO and Chief Digital Officer (CDO) at the HPA.

“NXP works with the automotive industry, infrastructure partners, and public authorities around the world to improve traffic flows, traffic safety, and logistics operations in global megacities and to ensure data security in today’s smart, connected world. Hamburg is where our head office in Germany is located and is NXP’s most important innovation center for intelligent traffic management and IT security. Together with HPA, we are excited to now be able to make this expertise available to the city of Hamburg and its citizens,” says Kurt Sievers, executive vice president Automotive, NXP Semiconductors.

The intelligent traffic light was officially taken into operation today in the port by Hamburg’s Minister of Economy Frank Horch, CIO and CDO of the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) Dr. Sebastian Saxe, and executive vice president NXP Automotive Kurt Sievers.

Copyright: HPA
 Group picture from left to right:
Kurt Sievers, executive vice president NXP Automotive
Senator of Economy, Transport, Innovation Frank Horch
Dr. Saxe, CDO und CIO, HPA
Werner Gliem, Cluster Manager and Spokesperson Logistik-Initiative Hamburg
Andreas Borgmann, Project Manager Mobility, Siemens AG

About The Hamburg Port Authority

The Hamburg Port Authority AöR (HPA) has been providing future-oriented port management services offering one face to the customer since 2005. To ensure efficient, safe and economic processes in the Port of Hamburg and meet the demands of a growing port, the HPA relies on intelligent and innovative solutions. The HPA is responsible for resource-efficient, sustainable planning and the implementation of infrastructure projects in the port. It is the contact point for all kinds of questions concerning the waterside and landside infrastructure, the navigational safety of vessel traffic, port railway facilities, port property management and business conditions in the port. The HPA ensures the provision of land as required, carries out all statutory duties placed on it and provides port industry services. It markets port-specific technical knowledge and represents the interests of the Port of Hamburg at a national and international level.

About NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) creates solutions that enable Secure Connections for a Smarter World. Building on its expertise in High Performance Mixed Signal electronics, NXP is driving innovation in the application areas Connected Car, Security, Portable & Wearable and Internet of Things. NXP has operations in more than 25 countries, and posted revenue of USD 5.65 billion in 2014. Find out more at

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