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Printed Circuit Board Design Manufacture Quotation Service

Total management of printed circuit boards is possible with chip one stop.
Total management from design → production → parts procurement → mounting done safe & easy Don`t worry about delivery dates anymore! Providing total care from Bill of Materials (BOM) to delivery.

Design Service

Utilizing cutting edge EDA tools, we provide high-quality short-term delivery and high-efficiency design.
We will respond to a wide range of applications ranging from standard design to high frequency pattern wiring technology and timing
adjustment technology which are often required as board design technology in recent years, as well as design technology that takes heat
and EMC into consideration.

    Support Services

  • ・Correspond to circuit design of all genres including analog to digital, high frequency circuit and image processing
  • ・High-speed differential signal of 10 GHz and high-speed transmission circuit such as XDR / DDR 3
  • ・Low cost board design (Reduction of the number of wiring layers, single side / silver through board etc)
  • ・Circuit board design considering MC
  • ・Ultra-high-density circuit board design (DDR, USB 2.0 installed)

Manufacturing service

We have recently revised the cost structure drastically and we carried out price cuts.
Initial costs have been eliminated for both domestic circuit board manufacturing and overseas circuit board manufacturing.
Providing service with the motto, 'faster and better prices and anywhere else'.
Simply input the circuit board specifications and you can go straight to ordering after getting domestic/overseas circuit board
manufacturing quotes!

Mounting Service

Manual mounting and automatic mounting, mounting according to customer's intentions
Of course, we can also support narrow pitch mounting such as BGA, reballing & reworking

    Features of manual mounting

  • ・Prototype circuit boards & small lot mounting is available from 1 board at low cost.
  • ・No initial cost required.
  • ・It is possible to make delivery time shorter by advancing the mounting process using parts that customers send in.
  • ・Parts are available both in reel and loose parts.

    Features of automatic mounting

  • ・If you plan on making repeat orders, please compare the price of automatic with the price of the manual mounting.
    It may be possible to reduce cost compared to manual mounting depending on the details of the repeat.
  • ・Although there is an initial cost, by creating a metal mask at the beginning, you can save on repeat order costs.