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Arrow Development Tools   Programmable Logic Evaluation Development Board Kit  -  Product Details

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    • ECCN:3A991a.2.
    • HTSN:8473301180
      BeMicro MAX 10 adopts non-volatile MAX 10 FPGA built on 55-nm flash process. The kit retains the 80-pin edge connector interface used on previous BeMicro kits. Users can migrate their designs from BeMicro SDK or BeMicro CV easily and take advantages of the new features offered in the MAX 10 device, such as an ADC block, temperature sense diode and flash memory.

      BeMicro MAX 10 includes a variety of peripherals such as 8MB SDRAM, accelerometer, digital-to-analog converter (DAC), temperature sensor, thermal resistor, photo resistor, LEDs, pushbuttons and several different options for expansion connectivity.

      Board Highlights
      Features Altera MAX® 10 FPGA with 8,000 Logic Elements, ADC block, temperature sense diode, onchip-RAM, user flash memory and non-volatile self-configuration.
      Extensible via 2 Digital PMOD Interface headers
      Allows for further expansion from two 40-pin prototyping headers
      One MAX® 10 FPGA (10M08DAF484C8G)

      8,000 LEs
      414 Kbit (Kb) M9K memory
      256 Kbit (Kb) user flash memory
      2 phase locked loops (PLLs)
      24 18x18-bit multipliers
      1 ADC block – 1 MSa/sec, 12-bit, 18-channels
      17 analog inputs
      1 temperature sense diode
      250 general purpose input/output (GPIO)
      Non-volatile self-configuration with dual-boot support
      Clocking circuitry

      50 MHz oscillator
      24 MHz oscillator
      External peripherals

      8MB SDRAM (4Mb x 16) (ISSI IS42S16400)
      Accelerometer, 3-Axis, SPI interface (Analog Devices ADXL362)
      DAC, 12-bit, SPI interface (Analog Devices AD5681)
      Temperature sensor, I2C interface (Analog Devices ADT7420)
      Thermal resistor
      Photo resistor
      General user input / output

      8 user LEDs
      2 user Pushbuttons

      Two 6-pin PMOD expansion headers
      Two 40-pin prototyping headers which provide access to 64 digital I/O
      6 analog inputs
      One 80-pin BeMicro card edge connector