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FPGA board
Products name
MAX1000 Lowest cost MAX10 Intel FPGA board
Supported Device 10M08SAU169C8G
Series name
    Lowest cost MAX10 Intel FPGA board

    For engineers designing compact smart solutions for the IoT market, this FPGA IoT Maker Board is an excellent tool to speed up the development process and enter the market with a high-performance, reliable product.

    The lowest-priced MAX10 solution on the market, MAX1000 is a great fit for IoT-focused developers, from experienced engineers to designers just starting out with FPGAs as well as startup companies with new ideas for the IoT market. The kit is a plug-and-play solution with an integrated Arrow USB Blaster, and it has a preprogrammed demo application to give you a starting point and a better idea as to how the board works. These features help you easily navigate the board’s functionalities and allow you to get your own project off the ground more quickly.

    In addition, MAX1000 is built on technology from some of the most trusted names in the industry; it includes a Microchip MEMS oscillator, an Enpirion DC/DC power supply via USB, and an SRAM 64 Mbit from Winbond. This single-chip solution also includes integrated ADC for analogue signals, a 32 Bit soft-microcontroller NIOS2, and integrated configurable Flash.

    The kit is available in a standard version, but you also have the option of ordering a customized kit to meet the unique requirements you or your team may have. Regardless of your needs, it’s easy to get started on designing your IoT applications with MAX1000. If you need additional information to drive your operation forward, check out useful datasheets, reference designs and design resources available at

    ・Type: Development Board
    ・Supported Device: 10M08SAU169C8G
    ・Supported Device Technology: FPGA
    ・Program Memory Type: Flash
    ・Main Program Memory Type: Flash
    ・ADC: 7
    ・JTAG Support: Yes
    ・UART: 1
    ・SPI: 1
    ・I2C: 1
    ・GPIO: 23
    ・USB: 1
    ・RS232: 0
    ・Ethernet: 0
    ・Audio Interfaces: No
    ・Push Buttons and Switches: 2
    ・Number of LEDs: 8