Management Team


Mark Kojo

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Representative Director

Mr. Mark Kojo is the President, Chief Executive Officer and the creator of Chip One Stop.
Mr. Kojo founded Chip One Stop in 2001, when he had a unique vision to establish and build a pioneering catalog website where customers could quickly and easily purchase semiconductors and other electronic components in an online one-stop environment.

Mr. Kojo’s vision and excellent leadership abilities saw Chip One Stop listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in October 2004 after only three and a half years in operation.

Under Mr. Kojo’s entrepreneurial guidance, subsidiary companies have commenced successful operations under the Chip One Stop umbrella and important joint ventures have been signed with other leading edge companies. These joint venture partners include E2 Publishing, a media company publishing EE Times Japan and its online site (sold to Impress Holdings in October 2008); J-Chip which provides electronic parts’ database and related consulting businesses taken over from Fujitsu; and enova, an electronics’ industry focus venture capital operation managed with Thine Electronics and Ant Capital Partners Co., Ltd..

In regard to Mr. Kojo’s professional background, he began his career in 1993 when he commenced working with Nissho Iwai Corporation, today known as Sojitz Corporation. During his years at Nissho Iwai, Mr. Kojo held key positions in the business development of information technology (IT) sectors. At this time he also played an integral role in special projects, including co-founding and being named the Vice President of Entrepia Ventures in 1999 when he was based in Silicon Valley and was the youngest manager of Nissho Iwai.

In 2004 Mr. Kojo was a semi finalist in the honorable “Entrepreneur Of the Year Japan” Later, in 2005 he was honorable with the Japan Venture Award (2005 Chairman Award), and the Kanagawa Challenger Award 2005.

Today, Mr. Kojo continues to be held in high esteem by his colleagues and serves on important boards. Mr. Kojo is the Vice Chairman of the Kanagawa New Business Conference, and the Trustee of Japan Association of Corporate Executives (KEIZAI DOYUKAI).
Mr. Kojo completed his MBA at Kobe University and holds a bachelor’s degree in science.

Tetsuya Umeki

Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Umeki is an Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer of Chip One Stop. Mr. Umeki is responsible for a wide range of critical financial and administrative operations and successfully managed the IPO project on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Prior to joining Chip One Stop in 2003, Mr. Umeki was in charge of finance for Siemens K. K. where he held this important position since 1997.

He holds a master’s degree in economics from Saitama University and his bachelor’s degree in commerce was completed at Hitotsubashi University

Chris Stansbury

Non-Executive Director
(Executive Vice President of Finance and Operations, and Chief Financial Officer of Arrow Electronics, Inc.)


Wai Fan, Hung

Corporate Auditor
(Director of Arrow Seed (Hong Kong) Limited, Director of Arrow (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd, Director of Beijing Arrow Seed Technology Co Ltd.)


Tsuyoshi Suwa

(ex Senior Managing Director of Panasonic Automotive Systems Company,Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd)

Mr. Suwa was appointed an Adviser for Chip One Stop in 2012, after serving as a Non-Executive Director. Mr. Suwa began his career with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd (MEI) in 1968 where he was responsible for the growth and development of the video division. Prior to his appointment as a Non-Executive Auditor with Chip One Stop in 2007, Mr. Suwa served as a Senior Managing Director for Panasonic Automotive Systems Company, MEI in 2003, and a Senior General Manager of MEI’s video division in 1998. Mr. Suwa is well known in the industry and referred to as being extremely knowledgeable in strategic procurement

Minoru Morio

(ex Senior Advisor of Sony Corporation.)

Mr. Morio was appointed an Adviser for Chip One Stop in 2012, after serving as a Non-Executive Auditor. Mr. Morio began his career with Sony Corporation in 1963 where he grew with the company by being frequently appointed to key and influential positions. These positions included the Consumer AV Company President in 1994, Chief Technology Officer in 1995 and the Director and Vice Chairman in 2000. Mr. Morio assumed these important roles due to his unique skills, abilities, and competence in effective management. Prior to his appointment as Non-executive Auditor with Chip One Stop in 2006, Mr. Morio was an Executive Adviser for Sony Corporation. In addition to his role at Chip One Stop, Mr. Morio also serves as a Commissioner of Space Activities Commission, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and various private sector positions. Mr. Morio is highly regarded as a charismatic leader and an icon in this industry.

Kuninori Hamaguchi

Mr. Hamaguchi was appointed an Adviser for Chip One Stop in 2012, after serving as a Non-Executive Auditor. Mr. Hamaguchi began his career in 1970 with Tateishi and Company, today known as Omron Corporation. Prior to his appointment as Non-Executive Auditor with Chip One Stop in 2010, Mr. Hamaguchi was an Executive Vice-President for ADM Inc. Mr. Hamaguchi plays a prominent role at both Chip One Stop.

Shunzo Koyanagi

Mr. Koyanagi was appointed an Adviser in 2013, after serving as a Executive Officer and Corporate Officer in sales and customer relations of Chip One Stop. As a 35-year veteran of the semiconductor and electronic components industry, Mr. Koyanagi began his career in 1971 with Tateishi and Company, today known as Omron Corporation. While in their employ, Tateishi and Company grew into Omron Corporation as one of the famous electronic components and industrial automation company. Prior to joining Chip One Stop in 2003, Mr. Koyanagi held key positions in the semiconductor distribution business division at Omron, including demand creation activities for Motorola, Analog Devices and other major line cards. Mr. Koyanagi was the Board of Directors and Chairman of the General Affairs Committee of Distributors Association of Semiconductors & Components of Japan (DAFS) from 2010 to 2014.

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