2020 Chip One Stop Games

2020 Chip One Stop Games is now underway!

Be a winner in our very own Chip One Stop Games
Spend and automatically be in the running for Special Prizes!!

Promotion Period
2020/04/06~2020/06/30 JST

Great Prizes on offer!

How do I participate?


< Gold >
Order amount: Over $500
Point: 100


< Silver >
Order amount: $300 – $500
Point: 25


< Bronze >
Order amount: $100 – $300
Point: 5


< Participation >
Order amount: Under $100
Point: 1

Earn points automatically based on the total order amount of each PO.

The value of points awarded will be determined by the order amount with more points given for higher PO values.

Prizes will be awarded based on the top point earners over the duration of the campaign period.
*Certain conditions will apply.

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*Terms and Condition apply

*Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.

*Google is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.

Terms and conditions

Promotional Period:

1Promotion period is defined to be from 00:01 JST 6th April 2020 to
23:59 JST 30th June 2020. (JST = Japan Standard Time)

Calculation of total spending

2Spending is calculated based on the total shipped value in USD (not bookings)
Per individual customer number during the promotional period.

3Total spending value will take into account any invoices and credits issued
During the promotional period, determined by the transactional records of Chip One Stop Inc.

4Spending value will be calculated in USD. For purchases made in other currencies,
Please refer to the following table outlining the fixed rate to be applied throughout the duration
of the promotional period.

Currency Rate
EUR to USD 1.08
JPY to USD 0.01
AUD to USD 0.61
NZD to USD 0.59
Promotional Entry & Issuance of Reward & Usage

5Entry into this promotion will be limited to customers who are registered to countries
in the following regions: EMEA, ANZ & Asia (excluding Japan and China).

6Entry into this promotion will be automatic, with prizes issued at the discretion of
Chip One Stop Inc. at the end of the promotional period.

7Rewards will be issued within 1 month upon the end of the promotional period to the individual
whom the customer number is registered to.

8As prizes are limited, they will be awarded to customers in the order of the highest accumulated point value over the campaign period.
Customers must also meet the minimum point conditions over the campaign period to be eligible.
Availability of prizes and the minimum point requirement is outlined in the table below.

Prize Min. Point requirement Available
Apple Watch 5 1,000 3
Air Pods Pro 800 5
Google Home Mini 500 5

9Chip One Stop Inc. will attempt to contact all individuals via their registered email address
at the end of the promotional period to announce and confirm the prize details.

10Chip One Stop Inc. will attempt to contact all individuals no more than 2 (two) times over
a reasonable period of time (2 weeks) to confirm the acceptance of the prize.
Failure to respond to these contact requests before the stipulated deadline will result in
the immediate forfeiture of the prize.

11The utility of the reward will be at the sole discretion of the recipient and where applicable,
must adhere to any of the recipient’s company policies/regulations prior to acceptance.

12Chip One Stop will be indemnified from any liabilities caused by and/or related to
the wrongful usage of the prize issued.

14Chip One Stop Inc. reserves the right to withold the issuance of any prizes if deemed necessary
throughout the duration of the promotion period.