3M Shielded Ethernet Cable Now Available


Industrial Ethernet connection area

You can select a shielded cable according to use!

Cost reduced with suggestions for use by shield type

You can take measures against noise while preventing cost increase!


Recommended EtherCAT Technology Group

3M ™ industrial RJ45 modular plug 4 poles
  • Features
    Easy workability, robustness, and miniaturization
  • Length
    Reduced up to 50%
  • Assembly time
    Reduced up to 60%
  • Connector unit price
    Reduces up to 60%

Easy connection similar to 3M e-CON compliant connector
No special machining tool required

3M ™ Industrial Ethernet 4-core cable assembly
3RH4 Series

Compatible with various 100Mbps industrial Ethernet
Although the fixed cable is double shielded, it is soft and has a maximum of 100m. Shows high wiring flexibility by combining with small connectors (3R104 series). A vinyl mixture excellent in oil resistance and heat resistance is used as the jacketing material. Starting as short as 0.25m

Double shielding (braiding + aluminum tape)
Double the flexibility

Recommended CC-Link IE Field Network

3M™ RJ45 Shield LAN Cable Cat5e Compatible
  • Product Part Number
    VOL-5EFLB-Lx-GY-IC (single shielded FTP)
    VOL-5ESFLB-Lx-GY-IC (double shielded STP)
  • Cable Color
    Ivory color (gray)
  • Cable Length
    0.25~0.5m (0.25m unit)
    1~3m (1m unit)
    5~20m (5m unit)
    30~70m (10m unit)
  • Features
    Latch with protective guard

RJ45 Shield LAN Cable

Can also be used as CC-Link IE Field Basic

Product Part Number