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Alps Electric Co., Ltd. and Alpine Co., Ltd merged on January 1, 2019, and became “Alps Alpine Co., Ltd.”.
Alps Alpine evolved to a “T-type company” by combining and utilizing Alps Electric’s unique device development capabilities, high-quality production capabilities, global manufacturing and sales systems to Alpine’s system design and software development capabilities. Alps Alpine will pursue the value in creating new markets such as consumer electronics, energy, healthcare, and industry.

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Alps Alpine’s Potentiometer Product Lineup

Potentiometers (operational device)

Multi Control Device(multi-function operational device)
  • Potentiometer Type(RKJX…)

Resistive Position Sensors

Resistive Position Sensors (RD…)
  • Rotary Type

  • Slide Type

These are contact-type position sensors that use analog technology cultivated by Alps Alpine using potentiometers.

Alps Alpine Potentiometers

Alps Alpine’s potentiometers have been pursuing usability for many years and have delivered products that quickly capture market needs.
By proposing optimal products from a wide variety of sizes, shaft shapes, operation directions, outputs, clicks, mounting methods, and attached switches, Alps Alpine meet a wide range of needs in the consumer and automotive markets such as studio mixers, audio, and game consoles.

  • Rotary Type(RK…)

  • Slide Type(RS…)

Operational overview

Multi Control Device (multi-function operational device)
  • Potentiometer Type(RKJX…)

About Resistive Position Sensors

Resistive position sensors meet to the needs for position detection of a wide range of devices such as drones, robots, cameras, and nursing care devices by applying the resistor technology cultivated in the development of potentiometers.
These are contact-type position sensors that have been used in many automotive products that require long life, high heat resistance, and high reliability.

Resistive Position Sensors (RD…)
  • Rotary Type

  • Slide Type


Excellent usability
  • Small influence of external noise and temperature change
  • Analog output for easy signal reading (no attached circuit/origin reset required)
  • Light operating force type with little impact on equipment operation
High accuracy and long life
  • High-precision resistors made of unique materials
  • Long-life contact using high-precision processing technology
Abundant variety of products
  • Rotary/linear operation type
  • Vertical/horizontal type
  • Reflow compatible type
  • Connector connection type

Selection Points

When selecting a potentiometer, it is important to consider the resistance variation characteristics and select according to the application.

Curve types

Curve types

  • A curve
    Indicated as “log” in the circuit diagram. It is also called “Audio Taper” in some areas.
    A curve where the rate of charge increases slowly in the first half and then rapidly in the second half.
    It was created so that people can naturally hear the changes in sound (hearing).
  • B curve
    Indicated as “lin” in the circuit diagram. It is also called “Linear Taper” in some areas.
    A curve with a constant rate of change (linear change).
    Used for adjustments where human sensations are not relevant such as measuring instruments.
  • C curve
    A curve with a change rate that is the opposite of the A curve. It is also called “Reversal Audio Taper” in some areas.
    The initial change is large and the rate of change in the second half is small.
  • D curve
    A change rate curve that is a more extreme curve than the A curve

Linearity of resistive position sensors

On the other hand, sensors require that the critical amount of movement matches the change in output voltage.
Alps Alpine’s resistance position sensors achieve ± 0.5 to ± 3%.


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Automotive Resistive Position Sensors

Automotive resistive position sensors from Alps Alpine, which has over 20 years of market experience.
They are highly regarded for their high reliability and long life due to the smoothing of resistors.

  • Compatible with absolute linearity regulations
  • Large terminal integrated type that can be used as a connector terminal for the actuator unit
  • Through-hole shape suitable for mating with actuator
  • High precision type with improved smoothness and environmental characteristics due to original resistor material
  • Long life realized through ultraprecision machining of sliding contacts
Air mix door mode for in-vehicle air conditioners, fan angle detection, etc.

FAQ (Potentiometers)

How do you use potentiometers?

We recommend using a potentiometer in voltage adjustment systems (Figure A). When using in current adjustment systems (Figure B), the set circuit may be affected by the contact resistance between the resistor and the slider.


What is insulation resistance and withstand voltage?
  • Insulation resistance is the insulation value between the terminal (live part) and the main unit or operation shaft expressed as a resistance value.
  • Withstand voltage is the maximum voltage that can withstand for a certain period of time without causing dielectric breakdown when a voltage is applied between the terminal (live part) and the main unit or operation shaft.