Infineon's CoolGaN™ Solutions

Infineon’s CoolGaN™ solutions are what you need to take your devices to the next level.
CoolGaN™’s unsurpassed reliability, high performance and robustness deliver great value to many broad system applications such as servers, hyperscale data centers, telecoms, wireless charging, adapters and chargers, SMPS, and audio.



By implementing gallium nitride CoolGaN™ e-mode HEMTs in a totem pole PFC combined with a LLC DC-DC stage, over 98.5% system efficiency can be achieved (for 48V output voltage systems) providing a total of 2 billion kWh annual savings for US data centers (max. 300 million USD annual savings at 0.15 USD/kWh).
GaN based SMPS solutions enable more compute power per rack by pushing the power density to over 80W/in3 from today’s typical 30 to 40W/in3 of silicon based solutions.


Operating expense (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX) saving, overall reduction of power supply footprint and highest solution robustness have been and will remain in the focus of telecommunication infrastructure development.
Infineon’s gallium nitride CoolGaN™ solution addresses these challenges by providing benchmark efficiency in the entire operation range, maximizing power density while following Infineon’s stringent qualification regime.

Adapter and charger

Infineon’s CoolGaN™ is a breakthrough for adapter and charger systems, enabling a max of 20W/in3 power density (for 65W maximum output power). This advantage can be realized by implementing CoolGaN™ in a half-bridge topology that enables increased switching frequency and efficiency simultaneously.

Wireless charging

Gallium Nitride CoolGaN™ e-mode HEMT enables optimal tuning in class D amplifiers (especially above 30W), and offers major advantages over silicon in 6.78MHz wireless charging.

  • Low almost linear COSS without large increase at low VDS enables ZVS operation over wide load impedance range.
  • Very Low QG compared to equivalent silicon MOSFET
  • 5V gate drive, very low gate drive losses
  • Robust devices: self-clamping gate instead of Schottky gate structure

Class D audio

Infineon’s CoolGaN™ technology allows approaching the theoretical ideal performance of class D audio amplifiers. Due to CoolGaN™’s unique characteristics, perfectly suited for this application: zero reverse recovery charge (QRR) of the body diode, linear input and output capacitances, and extremely fast switching speeds (lowest Qgd and RG) result in ideal switching waveforms, close to an ideal switch. Theses ideal switching waveforms are the prerequisite to maximize audio performance and minimize power losses in class D audio amplifier.
Gallium nitride CoolGaN™ 400V e-mode HEMTs are in development, coming soon.

Example diagram of application by Si, SiC, and GaN, and characteristics of GaN power devices


  • 10 times higher breakdown field and 2 times faster switching
  • Cost reduced by suppressing ON resistance
  • 10 times lower power charge
  • 10 times lower gate charge and linear output capacitance

※Compared with Si power devices

Customer Benefits
1. Reduction of operating costs (OPEX)
2. Realization of compact and lightweight design