Introduction of the new “SCT3xxx xR series”

ROHM has developed the “SCT3xxx xR Series” of trench gate structure SiC MOSFETs, which are ideal for server power supplies, solar inverters, and charging stations for electric vehicles that require high efficiency.
In addition, we have started offering the SiC MOSFET evaluation board “P02SCT3040KR-EVK-001” equipped with discrete products, and are proposing solutions that can easily evaluate devices.

Features of the “SCT3xxx xR series”

Switching loss reduced by about 35% by adopting a 4-terminal package (TO-247-4L)

In the conventional three-terminal package (TO-247N), the gate voltage was reduced due to the inductance component of the source terminal, causing the switching speed to be delayed.
The 4-terminal package (TO-247-4L) adopted for the SCT3xxx xR series can separate the power source terminal and the driver source terminal, thereby reducing the effect of the inductance component. This maximizes high-speed switching performance of the SiC MOSFET, significantly reducing turn-on losses. By adding the turn-on loss and the turn-off loss, you can expect a loss reduction of approximately 35% when compared to conventional products.

SCT3xxx xR Series Lineup

Product Name Drain
Source-to-Source Voltage
Drain Source ON Resistance
Drain Current
Drain Loss PD
Operating Temperature Range


650 30 70 262 -55~+175 TO-247-4L


60 39 165


80 30 134


1200 40 55 262


80 31 165


105 24 134

Evaluation Board


  • By changing the multiplier of the Rohm SCT3040KR (1200V 40mΩ TO-247-4L) evaluation circuit, you can evaluate other Rohm SiC-MOSFETs
  • Not only the TO-247-4L but also the TO-247-3L has through-holes, enabling comparative evaluation on the same board.
  • Single power supply (operates at + 12V)
  • Double pulse test up to 150A, switching operation up to 500kHz
  • Supports various power supply topologies (Buck, Boost, Half-Bridge)
  • Built-in insulated power supply for gate drive and adjustable with variable resistor (+ 12V to + 23V)
  • Negative bias for gate drive and zero bias can be switched by jumper terminal
  • Built-in protection for upper and lower arms at the same time and overcurrent protection function (DESAT, OCP)


High speed and low on-resistance

High-speed switching and low on-resistance simultaneously, which were impossible with silicon devices, and has excellent electrical characteristics even at high temperatures.
Contributes to the drastic reduction of switching loss and downsizing of peripheral components.

Evolution to next generation devices, 3rd generation SiC MOSFET devices

Developed the world’s first * SiC MOSFET with a trench structure and was successful in mass production.
With the success of further low on-resistance devices, the power loss of all devices can be reduced.
* Source: ROHM survey in October 2018