Introducing the “BM2SCQ12xT-LBZ”

The BM2SCQ12xT-LBZ is the world’s first AC / DC converter IC, a product that makes it very easy to develop power-saving AC / DC converters by eliminating design issues due to discrete component configuration.


① Miniaturization

This product has a maximum of 12 parts (AC / DC converter control IC, 800V withstand voltage Si-MOSFET x 2, Zener diode x 3, resistor x 6) compared to discrete parts configuration using general Si-MOSFET ) as well as heat sink are integrated into one package, resulting in an overwhelming reduction in the number of parts.
In addition, since the SiC MOSFET has a high withstand voltage and is resistant to high-voltage noise, the noise suppression components can be downsized.

② High reliability

This single package makes it possible to reduce man-hours for component selection and reliability evaluation, reduces the risk of component failure, and reduces development man-hours for adopting SiC MOSFETs.
In addition to the high-precision overheat protection provided by the built-in SiC MOSFET, overload protection, overvoltage protection of the power supply voltage terminal, overcurrent protection, and overvoltage protection of secondary voltage are provided.
Improved reliability and equipped with various protections required for power supplies of industrial equipment that is continuously operating.

③ High efficiency and low loss

The gate drive circuit, optimal for the SiC MOSFET, is mounted on this product and maximizes the performance of the SiC MOSFET, thereby increasing efficiency by up to 5% compared to a general Si-MOSFET product (Roam survey in April 2018).
In addition, the control circuit of this product uses a quasi-resonant method that can operate with low noise and high efficiency compared to a general PWM method, resulting in minimal noise on industrial equipment.

Product Lineup

Product Number Power Supply Voltage Range Normal Operating Current Operating Current During Burst Maximum Operating Frequency FB OLP VCC OVP Operating Temperature Range


VCC:15.0V ~ 27.5V
DRAIN:1700V (Max.)
2000μA (Typ.) 500μA (Typ.) 120kHz (Typ.) Auto Restart Latch -40℃ ~ 105℃


Latch Latch


Auto Restart Auto Restart


Latch Auto Restart

Application Example

  • General Purpose Inverter
  • AC Servo
  • PLC(Programmable Logic Controller)
  • Manufacturing Device
  • Robot
  • Industrial Air Conditioner
  • Industrial Lighting (street lights, etc.)

Ideal for auxiliary power supply circuits in all industrial equipment with AC 400V specifications.


SiC SiC (Silicon Carbide)、MOSFET(Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor)
SiC is a compound of Si (silicon) and C (carbon).When used for semiconductor materials, the characteristics exceed the limits of Si semiconductors.MOSFETs are a type (structure) of transistors that are the basis of semiconductor components.A switching device that can control ON / OFF of a device or current flow by applying a voltage from outside.
AC / DC converter
A type of power supply that converts voltage from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC).In general, alternating current flows through outlets, and electronic devices run on direct current, so they are necessary components for electronic devices connected to outlets.
Auxiliary power supply
High-power industrial equipment has a main power supply circuit and a sub-power supply circuit for supplying the operation of motors (main equipment) to control ICs and LED lighting of indicators (auxiliary equipment).This sub power supply circuit is referred to as an auxiliary power supply.
Power semiconductor
A semiconductor used to convert voltage and current according to the application. Its performance is directly linked to the power efficiency of systems and devices.A product that is required to handle high withstand voltage and large currents.