Portable Automotive Security Testbed with Adaptability

PASTA is a portable and expandable automotive security test bed developed by Toyota.
PASTA provides an actual in-vehicle network using white-box ECUs/CGWs, opened its specifications.
Behaviors of a vehicle can be confirmed with a simple simulator, and it is designed to easily demonstrate the CAN bus analysis and evaluate the applied security technique.

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1. Four Features

The ECU specifications used in PASTA are an open-source, and anyone can download and check the specifications.
All parts of the automotive are completely virtualized by the simulator, allowing for safe testing especailly when simulating dangerous conditions.
Compact (Max 97.5cm in Length and Width)/ light weight (8kg) allowing for ease of carriage.
Users are able to rewrite the firmware for ECUs, re-design the architecture of the in-vehicle netowrk, and connect their various devices.

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2. Use Cases

Expected scenes of practical usage of PASTA


By using PASTA, it is possible to test and evaluate vehicular cyber security technologies that have been researched and developed against new hacking threat.
By using PASTA as a common platform, different research teams are able to reevaluate the cybersecurity technologies.


Engineers designing in-vehicle netowrk devices such as the ECUs and CGWs can perform security evaluations in an environment close to the actual vehicle by using PASTA in advance to evaluate the actual vehicle.


By using PASTA with a compact test environment, users can easily prepare a test environment and provide a practical security education.
An OBDII-ValueCAN IF cable is included for easy connection to Value CAN from Intrepid CS, a commercial tool for analysis.

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3. Packaging items

Main body


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4. List of Contents

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5. Demo Video

This video demonstrates how the operation with PASTA is reflected on the real behaviors of a miniture vehicle.

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