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Service Overview

Get a hold of hot topic models and mounted part reports quickly

At Chip One Stop, we provide teardown reports and download sales that clarify the parts used in the latest mobile phones, tablets and so on.

※ Electronic device teardown report is a service where Formalhaut Techno Solutions teardown the latest devices faster than anywhere else, prepare a report, and Chip One Stop then sells to customers as a distributor.

(Note) Please use the content of the report at your discretion. Please note that Chip One Stop will not be held responsible for any losses incurred due to accidents etc. that may occur in the development or experiment etc. conducted by the customer based on the content of a report.

Teardowns and investigations are conducted according to customer’s requests.

・ I want to obtain detailed information such as part price… ・ I want not only a teardown report but also a terminal after teardown… ・ I want a teardown report on a specified electronic device with specified content… etc

Also, if you have any requests concerning teardowns or investigations for any sort of electronic device, please don’t hesitate to inquire.
We will provide an estimate and suggestions according to each individual request.

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【Electronic Device Teardown Report Options】

Providing Price Information on Parts “Bill of Material (BOM) Information”

We offer cost surveys (Bill of Materials) service for mobile phones as an option (fixed price of 300,000 yen).

Features of Chip One Stop’s Cost Survey Service
  1. 1.Lowest prices and fastest delivery domestically
    Mobile phones have a complicated parts structure such as communication, camera, display, and various sensors, and require considerable time and expenses for a price survey. It is said that the average price of the same type of service is 400,000 yen or more, but at Chip One Stop, we offer this service at a fixed price of 300,000 yen per model, with a delivery within 10 days. (Variation may occur depending on models)
  2. 2.Also investigate parts in the “other” category
    In addition to ICs, PCBs, Displays and Cameras, we also provide prices for small parts such as connectors, enclosures, antenna, and test points of acoustic parts and EMI countermeasure parts.
  3. 3.Abundant resources
    It is possible to provide fair and neutral cost survey information based on multiple pieces of information gathered from parts manufacturers, survey companies both domestic and overseas, think tanks etc. as well as information unique to Chip One Stop.
  4. 4.Information on upcoming trends
    We will also provide official quotes on information of future price forecasts, shipment number forecasts, and information on major venders for certain major parts.


Report Content

The report consists mainly of the following contents.

1. Cover Page
Terminal model number, terminal manufacturer, carrier, and release date are listed.

2. Main Specifications
Listing main specifications in list form, in item order common to each report
Item Example: Dimensions/ Weight/ Battery Hold Time
(Standby, Continuous Call, One Segment Viewing etc.),
OS/ Display Related (Size, Pixels, Display Color etc.)/ Other Communication Functions
(Electronic Money, Bluetooth, GPS, Wireless LAN etc.)

3. Product Overview
An image of the rough configuration of the terminal
The viewers can see the placement of important parts such as board placement to an overview of the completed state at a glance.

4. Teardown
Frame by frame images which depict the removing the upper layer structure in order until the substrate is exposed.

5. Information on ICs Mounted on Circuit Board
Explanation of part number, manufacturer, and function of the IC mounted onto the circuit board.

6. Study
Noteworthy content of past teardown survey results are listed here

7. Block Diagram
The order and content are the same for each report
Using this table as a comparison can be useful statistical information.


Purchase and Download

  • How to purchase
    Electronic device teardown reports are products (PDF file) that are downloaded onto a customer’s computer. After selecting the product you wish to download, click the “Add to Cart” button and proceed until you reach the order completion page. A “Notification of Order Received” email will be sent. You will be able to download the file after we have confirmed payment. Once payment has been confirmed, a “Download URL Notification (Mobile Phone Teardown Report)” email will be sent, please follow the instruction in the email to download your file. Once you have made the purchase you can download the file any number of times.
  • Note, “Electronic Device Teardown Reports” cannot be purchased at the same time as regular products (electronic parts, etc.).
    Returns are not accepted for this service as it does not involve a delivery task.
    This service is not offered on the university co-op service site.
  • Inquirie
    Please make any inquiries you have about “Electronic Device Teardown Reports”here.