LDCs are indispensable for the output of single board computers.
Because the LCD is the most front side of the product, please make sure to have a thorough look for what you want.


1.Graphic LCD Modules

◎ “COB Type”


①Delicately renders characters and images with pixels
②Basic is monochromatic
→Can display 8 colors by attaching an RGB color filter

Select by pixel

Confirm simple contents such as handy terminal and POS terminal

Maximum number of monochrome pixels.
For copy machines and FAX machines.

From small 2.4 smartphones to 60 & 100 inch large screen TVs.

2.Character LCD Modules

◎ “COB Type” ○ “COB Type”


①Easy display of katakana /numbers/symbols
②Basic is monochromatic
→Can display 8 colors by attaching an RGB color filter

Choose by Number of Characters × Number of Lines

3.LED LCD Modules

◎ “COB Type” ○ “COB Type”


①The narrower the pitch width (the spacing between pixels) is, the more delicate the display
②Able to display even in places with strong external light

Select by Light Intensity

4.Organic EL LDC Modules


①Because it doesn’t require backlight, it is thin/light/power saving
②Realizing beautiful images from any angle because it uses natural light

Select by Manufacturer

Module Peripheral ICs & Evaluation Development Kits

1.LCD Driver IC
Receives display information and displays it



2.LCD Controller IC
Controls the LCD panel instead of CPU. Functions for high image quality and specification expansion.

Touch Panel Products

1.Touch Panel Controller Boards

Select by Dimension

2.Touch Panel Display Monitors

Select by Pixel Number

3.Touch Panel Film

Select by Display Size