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Environment Sensors

  • Omron

    2JCIE Series

    This ultra-compact multi-function component is equipped with sensors that measures temperature, humidity, light, UV index, barometric pressure, noise, acceleration, and VOC. It also comes with embedded wireless communication functionality.



    Measures environmental data such as barometric pressure, temperature/humidity, and light along with motion data. It is a sensor network module that communicates via Bluetooth with low power consumption.

  • TE Connectivity


    It provides the necessary hardware to connect various sensors to any system that uses a Raspberry Pi compatible expansion port, configured for I2C communication.

  • Figaro Engineering

    Gas Sensor

    Figaro Engineering has been reasearching and developing semiconductor gas sensors for over 45 years.


    Gas Sensor

    ELT SENSOR is a manufacturer specializing in gas sensors. They develop high-quality gas sensor modules that meet the needs of IoT applications.


  • Hitachi-LG Data Storage

    HLS-LFOM Series

    This is a 3D TOF range image sensor. Ethernet (POE+) connection makes installation easy, and enables detection, recognition, and tracking of complex movements of multiple objects.

  • Raspberry Pi

    Raspberry Pi Camera V2

    A Raspberry Pi high-definition (HD) camera board utilizing Sony's IMX219PQ image sensor.

  • CenturyArks


    A high-performance camera module equipped with a SONY image sensor featuring high sensitivity, high-speed video, and optical image stabilization that can be installed in any mobile product.



    A Spresense camera board equipped with a 5 million-pixel Sony CMOS image sensor.

  • Soho Enterprise


    FoV = 187° fisheye lens module + Carrier Board for tinker board + 150mm FFC available as a set.

  • Entaniya


    A modified kit and pre-assembled camera use for attaching a 220° lens (super wide angle) to the Raspberry Pi Camera V2.

Evaluation Kits

  • ROHM


    This sensor evaluation kit includes 8 types of sensor boards and SensorShield that can connect ArduinoUno and sensors.

  • ROHM


    It is a circuit board mounted with 6 sensors, Bluetooth® module, 16bit low power microcomputer and much more, ideal for wearable devices and beacons.

  • CambrianRobotics


    One-board microcomputer equipped with ESP32 and 128 x 64 dot small display that can be operated from anywhere when connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Seeed Studio


    A starter kit that can easily handle sensors and switches on Arduino compatible machines such as Arduino and Seeeduino.

  • Honeywell


    An interface between industry standard and user-provided Arduino™ Uno Rev3 microcontroller boards and specific sensors.

  • Omron


    An evaluation board with 6 types of sensing functions which can be connected to Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Adafruit base boards for easy sensor evaluation.

  • Infineon


    A PCB designed to connect the Infineon Shield2Go board to an Arduino Uno or Arduino compatible microcontroller board.

  • Analog Devices

    Various iMEMS evaluation platform boards allow you to connect ADI accelerometers, gyro sensors, and inertial measurement units to your PC for product evaluation.

  • STMicroelectronics

    ST offers a wide range of evaluation boards that can be used for comprehensive evaluation of ST products and solutions, helping customers reduce development time.

  • Murata Manufacturing

    A breakout board for checking the operation and characteristics of various sensors. It can be connected to your microcomputer board or single board computer and test it as an evaluation board.


  • mCube

    Acceleration Sensor

    Accelerometers developed by mCube, using their unique monolithic MEMS technology, keeps physical size small whilst achieving low power consumption.

  • Xsens

    MTi Sensor

    Xsens sensor fusion technology enables seamless interaction between the physical and digital world in consumer devices and profession applications.

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