The world’s largest electronic component database with more than 1 billion points of recording points
Recording various specifications of electronic parts such as packaging information, mounting information,
RoHS/REACH compliance information, constitutive substance information,
PCN/PDN (Product Change Notification/Product Discontinuation Notice) information,
substitute product information, price information, acquisition risk and inventory information.
Possible to register BOM (Bill of Materials), and analyze and manage by BOM.

About SiliconExpert

SiliconExpert created by SiliconExpert Inc. using information gathering capability unique to the company, is the world’s largest information database that constantly updates information like supply status, discontinuation, specification change, substitute product information, hazardous substance information, etc. of more than 1 billion electronic components supplied by more than 15,000 parts manufacturers.
Paid services are provided through an annual subscription agreement.

It is possible to effectively investigate and manage the supply status of electronic parts which is most important in lifecycle management of electronic device products, and it is very effective in avoiding troubles in the design and production site caused by unavailability of production discontinuation information and specification change information of electronic parts used in the production of electronic devices.

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Contents of Services

Two different plans are offered by SiliconExpert.
You can choose a plan that suits your engineer life.

I want to check specifications of parts
I want to search alternative products
I want to check production discontinuation information

I want information using parts lists
I want to manage discontinuation of production by parts lists
I want to manage information using lists

Paid annual subscription license agreement “Part Search”

Databases such as specifications of electronic parts, datasheets, PCN, substitute products,
environment-related info, and discontinued prediction information can be identified and viewed
using several search methods (part number search/parameter search/classification search, etc.).

  • ■Several search methods

    • Part Number search
    • Manufacturer search
    • Parameter search
    • Search from PCN
    • Classification search
    • Military product search
  • ■An abundant database

    • Specifications
    • Discontinuation prediction information
    • Data sheets
    • ROHS/REACH compliance information
    • Packing information
    • Usable substance information
    • Mounting information
    • Price information
    • Marking information
    • Stock information
    • PCN/PDN information
  • ■Online support

    Investigate unknown information and promise of an answer within 48 hours

Display Screen Sample

  • Part Number, Parameter, Manufacturer Specified Search

    Possible to search using any keyword

  • Get Parts Detail Information & PCN/PDN Information
  • Replacement Part Search

    Possible to search pin compatible products, function compatible products, etc.

  • Parts Comparison

    Possible to compare parameters of alternative products

Paid Annual Subscription License Agreement “BOM Manager”

In addition to the “Part Search” function, Bill of Material (BOM) data upload/managing function, supply discontinuation timing prediction function, report output by Excel function, and data change alert by BOM function are added.

  • ■BOM Upload Function

    Upload free format Excel

    When part number uploaded does not hit in the database, approximate part number is displayed Listing for each registration status (perfect match part number, approximate part number, mismatch part number) is possible

  • ■Management by each BOM

    Production information by BOM, ROHS compliance status, substitute item availability, are displayed

  • Report Export Function

    Various data can be attached to the registered BOM and downloaded to Excel

Display Screen Sample

  • Search results by Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Bill of Material (BOM) Data Added/Changed Information Alert

    It is a function to notify the customer automatically when SiliconExpert obtains information such as PCN, last buy, and production discontinuation in regards to Bill of Material (BOM) registered part numbers.

  Part Search BOM Manager
Part number search
Parameter search
Manufacturer name search
Classification search
Function search
Replacement Product Search
PCN search
Parts comparison
Search Datasheet
Life cycle information
RoHS information
Stock information
REACH information
China RoHS Information
Manufacturer information
Part risk information
Bill of Materials (BOM) Upload Function ×
Bill of Material (BOM) Data Search/Search Result Export ×
Bill of Material (BOM) Data Added/Changed Information Alert ×
Annual license amount (1 account, maximum BOM registered items: 5,000 items) Please make inquiry. Please make inquiry.

Custom Service

We regularly perform cleansing of in-house part numbers, and assignment of specifications/substitute product information. It is a service to extend your data content to maintain the integrity of internal data used within your company. We will investigate the current situation of your company and “review and improve” the parts information within your company by correcting part numbers and product names. We also provide product change notification (PCN) and product discontinuation notification (PDN) information related to parts on your parts database. Please contact us for detailed services such as pricing structure.

※Members can get a response more smoothly if they log in before making inquiries.

Demonstration Videos

You can view a sample video on searching for parts. Please take a look at the various search methods and abundant database

  • Regarding searching for parts
  • Regarding Customization by Parts List Registration