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Products of Atmark Techno

Atmark Techno is a manufacturer in Japan, and they do all such as planning, developing, designing, and manufacturing. All their products are designed for industrial use. The set of the products for each series can be purchased from a minimum of one unit, and they can be purchased also for mass production. In addition, you can mass-produce with confidence, since they provide peripheral services such as various documents and product warranties.

Embedded IoT Boards
Armadillo series

Small, low power consumption Arm processor installed
Selectable from the SBC or SoM lineups
A wide range of optional products

IoT Gateways
Armadillo-IoT series

Small, Arm power-saving processor installed
Supports LTE mobile communication
Can be connected to various public clouds

IoT Adaptors
Cactusphere series

Can be used only by attaching to current equipment
Installed with Azure Sphere certified chip
Can be connected easily to Microsoft Azure

What is the embedded platform "Armadillo"?

Embedded platform for practical use of embedded devices and IoT gateways

You can create a base of equipment by combining options, using a power-saving CPU board equipped with an Arm processor. Also they can be used for mass production. You will pre-install Debian GNU / Linux, and write an application freely designed and developed to the Armadillo main unit, you can take advantage of various functions such as monitoring, control, and communication.

Why Armadillo?

Robust Design - Stable and secure by selecting appropriate functions-

In addition to compact and low power consumption, the board itself has an environmentally resistant design based on an operating temperature range of -20 ° C to + 70 ° C, and can be used in industrial applications. We are installing frequently used functions such as USB and LAN, and you can select functions specialized for the application depending on the product series.

Expandable freely - user friendly for various devices-

From basic models to high-end models, we are providing a lineup that allows you to select the performance of the CPU, etc. according to the application. You can choose from functions and shapes, such as "module type" if you want to expand freely, or "single board type" if you want to embed easily, or "gateway type" if you want to connect to the cloud via mobile communication.

Continuous Supply - Applying development experience to future product development-

We are designing to supply products continuously with the same specifications for as long as possible. Since we unify the development methods within the brand, the knowledge and know-how gained in one development can be utilized for future development.

Click here for details (link to Armadillo site)

Embedded IoT board "Armadillo" series lineup

High-end model for edge computing

i.MX 7Dual (1GHz)
Memory 2GB/1GB/512MB
Storage 8GB/4GB eMMC

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standard model for low power consumption

i.MX 6ULL (528MHz)
Memory 512MB
Storage 4GB eMMC

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Small-sized CPU Modules

i.MX 6ULL (528MHz)
Memory 512MB
Storage 4GB eMMC

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Features of the embedded IoT board "Armadillo" series

You can choose from a single board type or module type according to your application.

We have a lineup of single-board models that have connectors installed and can be used as they are, and modular models that are compact, thin, and can be freely expanded and designed. The single board type has an installed major connectors such as USB and LAN as a standard, and can be embedded to the product soon. For the modular type, you can freely design the board shape and cable pull-out position by developing an expansion board, so you can make products that match the housing.

Click here for details (Armadillo site)

IoT gateway "Armadillo-IoT" series lineup

Armadillo-IoT Gateway G3
Compatible with various I/Fs - Ideal for PoC

i.MX 7Dual (1GHz)
Memory 1GB
Storage 4GB eMMC
LTE Cat.4

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Armadillo-IoT Gateway G3L
Small size Gateway with RS422/485

i.MX 7Dual (1GHz)
Memory 1GB/512MB
Storage 4GB eMMC
LTE Cat.1

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Armadillo-IoT Gateway A6
intermittent operation, ultra low power consumption

i.MX 6ULL (528MHz)
Memory 512MB
Storage 4GB eMMC

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Features of the IoT gateway "Armadillo-IoT" series

Programmable IoT gateway that can be developed in Debian

It is a Debian GNU / Linux pre-installed platform for IoT gateways. Installed with a mobile communication function as a standard, you can develop an original IoT gateway by developing an application that suits your purpose, such as communication with equipment / devices / sensors and edge computing, and writing it in the main unit. Since it can be connected to public clouds such as AWS and Microsoft Azure, you can take advantage of various IoT solutions.

Click here for details (Armadillo site)

Lineup of Cactusphere

Digital Input Model

Human Sensor
Photoelectric Sensor
Any switches, etc.
PoE(Power over Ethernet) suport model

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RS485 models

Power Conditioner for electrical panel
Measuring Instruments
Enviromental Test Chambers
PoE(Power over Ethernet) suport model

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Digital Input / Output Model

Lamp, Warning Light
Air Conditioning Equipments
relay equipment, etc.
PoE(Power over Ethernet) suport model

What is the IoT adapter "Cactusphere"?

IoT adapter that connects current equipments / devices to the cloud

Cactusphere is an IoT adapter that can easily and securely connect current equipments and devices to Microsoft Azure. IoT adapter can get informations/data from the devices and sent to IoT services (Azure IoT Central or Azure IoT Hub) on the cloud without changing the configuration of current equipment. And the data can be used for visualization of collected information and device monitoring. Security of the system is consistently guaranteed from the device to the cloud, since it is implemented with an Azure Sphere chip provided by Microsoft.

Click here for details (Cactusphere site)

Lineup of options

Expansion Boards

Add-on Modules
Optional Modules
Extend Boards for Evaluation

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AC adaptors

AC adoptor(100-240V, temperature extension )

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Antenna for 3G / LTE
Antenna for Wireless LAN
Antenna for 920MHz Band

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Matal Cases
Plastic Case

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USB Serial Converter Adaptor
8-pin JTAG Converter Cable
AC Adapter Converter Cable

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