MFR original products

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What are MFR original products?

MRF original products are products purchased directly from manufacturers or from a manufacturer’s distributor. With search results, if in stock, manufacturer original products will be labeled as “MFR Original”.

What is the scope of quality assurance?

The content and period of quality assurance for products handled on this website are limited within the scope of the manufacturer of the product, but the scope is limited to the sales amount of said product on this website.

What is not covered by quality assurance?

Warranty will not be covered in the following cases:

  • In cases where a product bought by a member is resold to a third party
  • In cases of failure or damage due to carelessness or error in handling
  • In cases of failure or damage caused when used in combination with other products
  • In cases of failure or damages caused by natural disasters, fire or pollution or use of abnormal voltage or unspecified power supply (voltage or frequency) or damages due to other external factors
  • In cases of failure or damage due to use outside of Japan.