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Reel service

Chip One Stop offers a variety of reel processing options to meet the needs of customers who need reel products that can be mounted even in small quantities. Please select from the product details screen or shopping cart screen when making a request.
The model number to be serviced can be selected as an option by checking a box as shown in the image below.

Chip one stop reel processing service

A service that connects empty tapes to both ends of the ribbon-cutting product with a special jig, rewinds it on a reel, and delivers it. Can be processed from a quantity of 100 or more for an additional 900 yen.
*Depending on the order time, the number of orders, the number of product numbers, and the processing content, we may ask you to ship the product as soon as the next day.

Professional reel processing service

We provide the required number of tape-cut products, tube products, miscellaneous products, etc. cut from the manufacturer’s reels with a series of specialist reels.
We can process from xxx pieces or more depending on the quantity for an additional xxx yen.
*Depending on the order time, number of orders, number of product numbers, and processing details, the date of return may take an additional +0 days more than the estimated shipping date.

Full reel

Only if the number of orders matches a multiple of the manufacturer’s full reel quantity, we can ship with the manufacturer’s full reel.
*For the model number to be serviced, enter the manufacturer’s full reel quantity in the quantity box as shown in the image below, and the “Sales packaging: full reel” will be displayed.