Bill of Materials (BOM) function

What is the Bill of Materials (BOM) function?

It is a function that allows you to save Bill of Materials (BOM) on Chip One Stop’s web site. The Bill of Materials (BOM) function is part of the total support that Chip One Stop provides, including not only parts procurement but also the design, manufacturing and mounting of circuit boards. It is a function that can be used for many things like managing Bills of Materials (BOM) which are often being changed, procure parts in bulk from BOMs, and can also be used with our PCB manufacturing service.
Also, by using it with the group function, you can also manage required parts lists within your group and share information over development/design/purchase etc.

Can I request a quote using a Bill of Materials (BOM)?

Yes. First, save your Bill of Materials (BOM). Once it is saved, you can proceed to order or RFQ for that BOM from your list of BOMs. (Stock information may have changed since when BOM was saved.)

How many Bills of Materials (BOM) can I save?

There are no specific restrictions. Please delete any that you no longer need if necessary.

How many parts can be saved to a Bill of Materials (BOM)?

Up to 200 part numbers. If you have more than that, please save separately.

Please give me more info on how to use a Bill of Material (BOM).

Please refer to the BOM Function page.