RFQ History

Where can I view a list of my quotation history?

You can view it from your My Page. Further details here

Tell me the different types of quotation status.

Quotation requested
This means your quotation request has been accepted.
Quotation provided – Available for order
This means a quotation has been provided and the product is available for order.
Quotation provided – Ordered
This means a quotation had been provided and available for order and the product has been ordered.
Quotation provided-Not quotable
This means a product that meets our desired conditions was not found.
Quotation expired
This means no reply was received after a quotation was provided and the quotation has since expired.
Response expired
This means the quotation has expired.
RFQ cancelled
This means that the request for a quotation was cancelled by the customer.

I want to place an order using a provided quotation.

If a product in the provided quotation is available for order, you can purchase it under the same conditions stipulated in the quotation. Please select the checkbox and click the “Add to Cart” button.

I would like to request a quotation using a past quote.

Yes, you can. Select the quotation from your quotation history page and click the “RFQ Again” button displayed at the top and bottom of the list, the same quotation details will be added to your RFQ cart. Please modify any details if necessary and request the quotation as you normally would for an RFQ.

I want to cancel a RFQ

You can cancel an RFQ with a “Requested” status. Please go the quotation history details page and click the “Cancel” button. Once you come to the confirm cancelation page, click “Cancel” again. The canceled RFQ will remain in your quotation history. (Status will be changed to “Quotation canceled”.)