Credit account payment (Net 30) * Application required

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What is credit account payment?

This is a payment method where payment is made through an account for members who have completed a screening process. Net 30 payment term is only given to those who have been approved. Customers must have undergone and been approved for this payment method before it can be used.

How can I get a Net 30 credit account (account transaction)?

You must apply for a Net 30 credit account. You can apply here.
Once you apply, there will be a screening process. If you are approved, a notification will be sent to let you know your account is now available for use. The screening process may take several days. Once this payment method is available, it will be added as one of the options for when selecting a payment method. Please note that Net 30 credit accounts are not currently available to sole proprietors who do not have corporate status, please select other payment methods.

Can anyone use it?

Please note, we may not be able to comply with the conditions that you wish depending on the results of the review.
In addition, credit account (Net30) is not currently supported for members who are individual business owners who do not have corporate status. We apologize, but please use a different payment method.

Can invoices be consolidated for a collective group within my company?

If you request a credit account (Net 30), together with the “Group Function”, you can unify the orders and payment of multiple users in a company and consolidate a billing address for the group. It is useful if a buyer or an accounting staff member is set as the primary member of the group. Click here for more about the group function.