General information about delivery

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Trade conditions

Ordered products are shipped from our logistic center (in Yokohama, Japan) by courier designated by the customer in principle. All shipments are F.C.A. point of shipment from Chip One Stop warehouse. Customers can select whether to charge their customer shipping account or to charge their Chip One Stop shipping account by paying a prefixed cost at the time of order.

Shipping notification emails

When a product is shipped, a notification of shipment e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
You can track your products’ shipment status using the invoice number included in the e-mail.

Can I ship to addresses that I haven’t saved?

Yes. Please specify when ordering.

Can I save frequently used delivery addresses?

After logging in, you can confirm/change from your My Page > Shipping information. You can also register a new address by entering the address when placing an order.

Please send me the various forms.

The invoice and packing list will be included with the shipment.

Ordered products becoming sold out

We have various stock with suppliers around the worldwide. For this reason, we continually strive to display the latest stock information of our suppliers, but please note that there are unavoidable cases where a product ordered becomes sold out.