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What kind of products do you handle?

Chip One Stop, using a product database of more than 20 million items and an inventory of more than 4 million items available for instant shipping, speedily responds to various customer needs such as prototyping/development, procurement of a wide variety of products in small quantities, and in cases of emergencies. Product classification is also quite divers from semiconductors and electronic parts, to control devices, equipment, FA products, expendable items, specialty books, various types of downloadable reports, Chip One Stop has all sorts of products related to manufacturing.

Which manufacturer’s products do you handle?

As a procurement service website, Chip One Stop will source semiconductor and standard electronic components mounted on printed circuit boards from any manufacturer upon a customer’s request. If you want to search for a product from a particular manufacturer, please proceed from the Search by Manufacturer tab. We have specialty stores for manufacturer, manufacturer pickups, and a manufacturer list.

Can I make an order with a quantity of just one of any product?

Since the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) differs depending on the product, please check the search results in each case. If the MOQ is “1” and the “Add to Cart” button is displayed, it means the minimum quantity you can order is one. The MOQ for quoted products may differ depending on stock. Please enter the requested quantity as “1” in the RFQ cart and request a quotation, and we will inform you of the MOQ in the quotation we provide. (*Quotations are valid for 10 days. Please place orders as soon as possible before the expiration date as the price and conditions may change.)

What is the difference between placing an order and requesting a quote?

Orders can be completed right away on the Chip One Stop website. With quotations, especially if there are desired conditions, or if the product is not in stock, Chip One Stop will ask you make a RFQ and our internal sales department will search for the product and provide a quotation sot that members can then place an order from their quotation page. Products where the “Add to Cart” is an option can order said product without making a RFQ.