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Do I need to log in?

You do not need to login to search for products, read latest news articles and columns. Once you have found a part, please add it to your shopping cart or RFQs. You will be asked to log in while following the steps to make purchases or RFQs. If you are not registered, you will be able to create an account from the login page.

I forgot my login ID and/or password.

Log in ID :
You can login with your registered e-mail address.
Password :
Please reset password from the reset password page.

Can I change my login ID and/or password?

You cannot change your login ID. Please cancel your account and reregister as a new member. You can change your password on the “Edit Account Information” page after logging in.

Can I transfer my login ID and password to another person at my company?

We’re sorry, but you are not allowed to transfer your login ID and password because of Chip One Stop’s terms of use.

What’s the difference between my login ID and customer number?

Your login ID is the ID used to when logging into your account and is set by the user creating the account. Your customer number is a number used for customer inquiries and so on, each member of Chip One Stop who creates an account is issued a customer number regardless of registration information. The customer number is used as a security measure so that personal information cannot be distinguished.